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About Me

Hi, I’m Megan, the founder of 23Pixels. I’ve recently graduated from university with a Master of Computing and have spent the best part of 2 years in the professional web development world. I’ve developed professional websites, worked on bespoke software, and developed mobile applications for clients. With this experience and knowledge under my belt I wanted to create a community of real people who need my help and answer a question I’m often asked…

’How do I create my website so that I can share and provide my skills?’

I know when bloggers and entrepreneurs are just starting out the thought of creating their own website can seem daunting, and it is in fact one of the biggest things that stops people from taking the leap and starting their own online business. My aim is to diminish this feeling that tech is scary and to show you that you can, and you will, DIY your own professional website that works with your online business.
Besides all the ‘techy’ stuff, it’s not uncommon to find me exploring the world, capturing magical moments with my camera, or binge watching a whole season on Netflix in one day, so easily done, right? But that’s a conversation for a whole other blog. I hope this space is what you’ve been looking for, and that I can help you in some way or another on your journey in this wonderful crazy digital world.


About 23Pixels

We know how frustrating it can be when you’re just starting out. You’re trying to design and develop your own website, you’re navigating your way through strange code, design principles and hosting packages. We understand that overwhelming feeling. So let us help you! 23Pixels is a place where bloggers and entrepreneurs, like yourself, can come to learn.

We believe that things shouldn’t be over complicated!

We want to help you get to where you want to be as soon as possible, allowing you to show the world how awesome you are! Let us minimise the stress when it comes to creating your special place on the web! 23Pixels provides you with insights into the world of web design and development with tutorials in HTML, CSS and WordPress. Use this space to help you build and improve your kick-ass website. Don’t just think of 23Pixels as a library of helpful posts, but as a community where all of us can comment, ask for more information, and share the things we find work for us. I will always try to provide you with the content you want to see, so if you have any topics you wish to gain information on either drop me an email, leave a comment, or find me on social media.

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