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If you’re just starting to build your own awesome website – maybe for fun, for your business, or maybe even for your travel diary –  then you should know that colour schemes are a big deal. We all want our sites to look polished and professional; and whilst yes, a good design is a must, the colour scheme you choose is essential to help you achieve the perfect look and feel. Now, different colours can signify a myriad of different things, each elicits a different feeling, perhaps a different emotion, and so setting the tone of your business and website can be achieved primarily – and simply – through the careful choice of colour. Is your site straight to the point and dominating? Inviting and calm? Bright and exciting? In all of these, you would use a different colour palette to achieve the desired emotional connection.

So, I’m going to go over a handful of colours to give you a little bit of inspiration; hopefully, this can help you find the right colours for your business and website. Obviously, everyone has their own taste and it is to be noted that, in different cultures, the same colours could bear completely opposite meanings – you may hate some of these colours, or you may think that they are best suited to another niche. Nonetheless, I’ve gathered an array of colours, marked what they often mean to people and found some websites that use these colours so that you can see them in action, all in the hopes of making your colour choice a little easier.

Please remember: before selecting your colours, it’s worth googling what these colours mean in different cultures, as well as your own, so that you can get a solid overall understanding of how the colour will be perceived in your ideal or expanding market.

1) Dark Blue

Meaning: Business, Strength, Reliability, Loyalty
Colour Palette:

Handyman - 23Pixels

2) Light Blue

Meaning: Calm, Friendly, Refreshing, Loyalty
Colour Palette:

23Pixel Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

3) Dark Purple

Meaning: Wealth, Royalty, Creativity
Colour Palette:

Purple Finance Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

4) Light Purple/Pinks

Meaning: Love, Spring, Creativity, cleansing
Website: Yogazone
Colour Palette:

Yoga Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

4) Green

Meaning: Nature, Stability, Energizing
Website: Eco-friendly
Colour Palette:

Eco Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

6) Tan and Beige

Meaning: Natural, Dull, Takes on effect of other colours
Colour Palette:

Tan Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

7) Yellow

Meaning: Uplifting, Happiness, Energizing, Playfulness
Website: Ninteenth
Colour Palette:

Yellow Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

8) Orange

Meaning: Energizing, Earth, Health, Uplifting, Impulse
Website: Ohmy
Colour Palette:

Orange Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

9) Red

Meaning: Dominance, Danger, Love
Website: Abtheme
Colour Palette:

Red Colour Scheme - 23Pixels

10) Black and White

Meaning: Neutral colours, Used heavily in minimalist approaches to design, Luxury
Website: Zone7
Colour Palette:

Black and White Colours Scheme - 23Pixels

What’s your favorite colour scheme?
Colour Schemes For Your Website | Web design | Business Website | Bloggers | Entrepreneurs | 23Pixels

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