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Programes & equipment

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Blog Technology

  • 123 Reg – To purchase your domain
  • Bluehost – To host your kick-ass website
  • WordPress – To help you build a professional website
  • WordPress Themes – Free themes to give your website the perfect look
  • Screenflow – To record your screen for tutorials and courses
  • Grammarly – To check your spelling and grammar


  • Mirrorless camera – To take high quality 4K videos and take crisp professional photos
  • Canva – To design and edit blog graphics and images
  • Pexels/Pixabay – To design and edit blog graphics and images

Home Office

  • Macbook Air – To run your blog/business from (I can’t live without mine)
  • Extra Monitor – To create more visual working space
  • Laptop Stand – To stand your laptop at eye level
  • Keyboard – To use when your laptop is stood at eye level
  • Mouse – To make navigating so much easier
  • External Hard Drive – To backup all of your important documents and photos
  • Microphone – To record crisp voice overs
  • Webcam – To use when making calls

Sales & Marketing

Business Organisation